Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quilting at the Poorhouse has moved....

Hello all! Quilting at the Poorhouse has moved! We are now found here - join us!
I'll meet you there - Kris

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday Traveler with Texture

Hello all!

Do you need a little instant gratification in your sewing? Texture Magic fits the bill! I was cutting out a Tuesday Traveler bag this morning and decided to jazz up the cell phone pocket with a little texture. So I cut a front pocket piece (about 1.4 times the height and width of the original pocket) to allow for the Texture Magic. I used a triple stitch zig zag and added rows to the piece at 1” intervals so that it would appear “smocked”. I applied the steam following the manufacturer’s instructions, and voila...a textured front pocket.

A little magic goes a long way with this bag! I think I'll be using more Texture Magic in the future!
Try it! -Kris

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Visiting Nashua...

I had the pleasure of visiting Nashua Sew and Vac in Nashua, NH last month. I want to share this gem of a shop with you!
Ruthie Ryan, the shop's owner is so inspiring! Her shop has many machines (check her website for brands), loads of accessories, and so many gadgets for the quilter and the sewist. The place is hopping with shoppers with all kinds of needs and Ruthie and her friendly staff handle it all with ease!
I visited the shop not once but twice, to give a mini-trunk show to the Viking and the Pfaff Club(s). These ladies have talent! Every time I go to a new quilt shop, guild meeting, or Quilt Market, I am struck by how diverse our interests are as sewers and quilters, but, deep down, we are all the same! Thanks so much to you all for wecoming me!

Happy sewing! -Kris

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks to the People in my Quilt Market Neighborhood!

We survived our first Quilt Market! We (my mother, Jean, and I) had a wonderful time and met so many nice people! I have new respect for everyone in the booths - putting up our booth was the first of many adventures that we experienced!
We had dinner with good buddies Yolanda Fundora and Barbara Campbell and new friend Hoodie. We sure had a lot of laughs! Click on their links, so you can see what they are up to! We also were lucky to meet the gals from Berkshire Quilts - we met these New Englanders on the shuttle to the hotel!
We had great neighbors at Market - these veteran quilty companies were such an inspiration for us that I'd like to "share" them with you! Across from us, we had Rag Spun (applique shapes - cute !), Ackfeld Manufacturing (the hanger people), and Waterfall Quilts (Kathie's new book "Flip Flop Block Quilts" will be out soon!). On either side of us, we had Patch Abilities (great patterns!) and Sue Spargo Folk Art Quilts (She also has a new book - "Robin Run the Hedge"- she's taking pre-orders at her site!) . These gals (and guys, too!) really got us through our first Market and all I can say is "Thanks a million!". Your advice and encouragement helped us out so much!
Minneapolis is a beautiful city - we hope to return again and take time to see more of it! Keep Quilting! -Kris

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Wise Traveller

Pardon my absence from the blogging world! We have been busily getting ready for Spring Quilt Market here! Before we leave, I'd like to share a Tuesday Traveler with you! My friend, Mary Anne Murphy made a quilt for our guild's challenge from her stash, using a print with owls on it. She decided that she needed a matching bag for her entry in the show and here's what she did!

An explanation of the challenge: Our challenge was to create a quilt from our stash without electricity (no sewing machines!). Mary Anne's quilt took third place! She used real feathers and hand stitched the pine branch on the quilt. Enjoy this bit of inspiration and keep quilting! -Kris