Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogland and Oops!

It's funny how you meet people in Blogland and get to see fellow quilter/crafter's creations! What a treat it is! I heard from a fellow blogger who I am now following at her Upstate Lisa blog. She emailed with questions regarding the Over the Shoulder bag pattern that I designed for the Winter 2010 issue of Quick Quilts. I asked her to send along a photo of the finished bag and here it is - isn't it great? I love Lisa's colors - visit her blog for some creative inspiration!
I'd like to pass along my "Oops" corrections, in case you'd like to make this bag!

After step 4, it should have told you the following:

a) Layer outer bag over wrong side of lining (21” x 42”) and baste to hold together for quilting.
b) Stitch in the ditch along all piecing to stabilize piece. Optional: Quilt a Large Meander on all red sections. Trim.

Then the divider panel with pockets will be sewn to the back section (see step 16) – here is a clarification for that:

c) Baste Inner Computer Panel to inside back section of bag, 1 ½” from seam as shown. Top edge of Inner panel should face flap.

Visit to request a copy of the magazine, if you can't find a copy where you live.

Have a great day! -Kris

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tip for Sewing Purse/Tote Handles

I used a new "tool" today to secure the pressed edges of handles together before topstitching - paper clips! I like strong handles for my projects however, strong handles = bent useless pins. This morning I used large paper clips and the process was a breeze - easy to slip on and off. I could also put the clips on while the handles were still hot from the iron and had a nice crease on each side. Try it!
Have a wonderful day! -Kris

Monday, January 4, 2010


I am thrilled with a new product that I just discovered called "Brilliant Bindings" by Wendt Quilting. This is a binding aid that helps you miter corners perfectly and join binding ends smoothly! Why try this ruler/tool?

1. Simplicity - This is a very straightforward tool to use. You get a page of clear, concise instructions (with color photos) with the tool, stepping you through the binding process to the end.
2. Value - This is a product that is priceed very reasonably for what you recieve.
3. Versatility - The 45 degree angle is not only required for smooth binding finishes, but I can see it's use in half square triangles, marking quilting, ruler positioning during rotary cutting.

Check out Wendt Quilting's website!

Happy binding! -Kris