Monday, May 11, 2009

Appreciate Your Library!

I am a big fan of public libraries! I remember being able to walk to the library when I attended middle school. I took out so many books - can't remember which books, but I do remember that giddy sense of exhilaration - I had a new book to read!

I still go to our library and still experience the thrill of a subject or story undiscovered. Our library has provided me with business plans, tax advice, and Michael Connolly mysteries.

This past Saturday, I gave a talk on Quilted Tote Bags at the Derry Public Library. I approached the library staff with my proposal for this program, admitting also that I hadn't given it before. They were to be my guinea pigs. The staff was so encouraging all along the way. The day of the talk went smoothly – all of the attendees were such a delight! Aren’t quilters happy people? (Good thing, because I had no success with that extra large grommet!)

I just want to thank my library– and if you’re reading this, thank a librarian today!

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