Friday, September 4, 2009

Color from a Sketchbook - Part 1

The mornings are brisk here in NH, but the days still warm up nicely. I think a last day at the beach is in order! I am packing a Bongo Bag and a Crafty Tote done in Sketchbook Teal Blue by Blank Quilting, designed by Yolanda Fundora.

I have to admit: Blue is never my first choice. However, this collection made a believer out of me! This is an analogous color scheme, using blues/green inspired by nature.

My personal favorite of the Teal Blue colorway is the Arabesque Turquoise. It's a timeless floral - perfect for a bag, front porch quilt, or a wearable!

The lime paisley really makes this collection pop - it is also a very versatile fabric. It can be paired with so many fabrics in my stash- I would bet you'd find it a good addition to your collection.

Stay tuned for more Sew and Go Totes done up in Sketchbook!

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