Monday, May 3, 2010

Thursday Night Jazz...

Doesn't that sound smooth? It is! It's the name of another cool, new pattern from Poorhouse Quilt Designs, the Daily Specials Collection. These bags can take you out for a special night on the town!

We are featuring tips for sewing and quilting with silk taffeta in this pattern. Silk can be so much fun to quilt, it's very forgiving and best of all, it shows off even the simplest of quilting stitches beautifully! Each bag is on the small side -just enough to give you a taste of using silk.
Can't you picture these bags as gifts for bridesmaids? Prom season? The tote is 8" tall, the pouch is 7" tall x 6" wide and the clutch is 4" x 7".

I bought my silk through the Della Q website - check it out! You may be able to buy it locally - I hope you'lll give my pattern and silk a try!
Keep quilting - Kris

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