Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 16 - 21 Days to Free Motion Quilting Success!

Good morning, Quilters!
I’d like to take a walk with you down the street with your sewing machine. You are going to take it slow making (approximately 1”) houses and trees. There is no perfect house or tree. You are smiling, enjoying the sunshine, and walking along at an even pace. Also remember, this is not a race – this is a perfect lazy summer day free motion exercise – keep it even and consistent. Are you getting the hang of this now? (Go easy on yourself - this is fun!)
Email me a pic of your houses!

Happy Quilting-



Cristin said...

I've never seen houses and trees quilted - cute! I've finally got the guts to quilt a lap size quilt I've had basted since last December - its going so smoothly, and I love it! I'll be sure to send you links to photos when I'm done! Thanks for all your work posting free-motion tips!

Kris Poor said...

Have fun quilting and I can't wait to see it! -Kris