Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's been such a long time....

Good morning all!

I am back! Blogging took a backseat during our vacation. I had good intentions and even had free wi-fi so I have no excuse!

We took a trip to Hershey PA this year - my husband and two boys love rollercoasters. Notice that I do not include myself in that group. I am the holder of everything not allowed on the coaster - hats, cameras, backpacks, etc. I am happy to be the holder! The picture on your right is "Fahrenheit", a rollercoaster with a 97 degree drop (not kidding)! Wouldn't you want to be the holder? Please note: I did enjoy Chocolate World!

I did go to Quilt Odyssey which was being held in Hershey. What a nice show! I had a great time admiring all of the beautiful quilts. I am showing just a section of Arabesque by Karen Kay Buckley, of Carlisle, PA. This is a stunning quilt in person. You can view this awardwinning quilt here.
Quilt shows are so inspirational - I really missed my sewing machine after attending that show!
Keep quilting! -Kris
(P.S. In case you are wondering, the post title does refer to a song by Boston!)

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