Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Purse Strings

Today I am finishing a bag for Spring Quilt Market which will be part of a display for Blank Quilting. It's the "Mini Bag" from my new book, Sew and Go Totes. I needed an alternative to the 1/4" braided cord used for the strap. I decided to create a strap for the bag using pet screen.

I have a hard time finding "strap" materials that I like - so let's create our own!
Note: I cut the pet screen along it's length as it lays flatter in this direction.

You will need:

1" wide piece of black pet screen at the required length
1 1/2" wide piece of accent fabric at the required length

1. Fold outer (long) edges of pet screen in to meet at center and zigzag down the middle - this will create a 1/2" base for the accent fabric to "sit on". (Luckily, my walking foot is marked on either side with 1/4" mark, so that it is a visual guide for the 1/2" wide strip!)

2. Fold accent fabric in half lengthwise and press. Open out accent fabric and press outer raw edges to the fold; then fold in half again (you have now encased those raw edges).

3. Using your walking foot, top stitch the accent fabric to the pet screen strap, making sure that the "raw edges" of the pet screen are hidden behind fabric accent. Voila! This is what I ended up with - a strong 1/2" wide strap!

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