Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 4 - 21 Days to Free Motion Quilting Success!

I'm baaaaack! Let's try something a little more challenging today! Today, we'll make some waves. Start on the left, go smoothly up and over the wave, then come back and scoop under. Let's make a multitude of waves, some rows to the right, then switch to rows going to the left (I started on the right for these rows). I am right-handed - I felt more control when traveling to the right.

This time, try to look for consistent stitch length - adjust your speed as you go along. If you find your stitch length is too long, you may need to run your machine faster. If you find that your stitches are too small, move your hands faster. Consistent stitch length takes time to achieve - practice and you'll be rewarded!!

Don't forget to:
  • Drop your feed dogs.
  • Reduce top tension slightly to start.
  • Thread your machine with good quality thread.
  • Install a new needle (let's use a Universal 80/12 needle to start).
  • With your practice quilt sandwich under the presser foot, lower the needle and raise it to bring bobbin thread to the top of the sandwich. As you start sewing, hold onto both threads to start.

Smile and keep quilting!


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