Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 6 - 21 Days to Free Motion Quilting Success!

Good morning - Hope you are ready to get sewing!

We are going to get loopy again today. Stipple as you did yesterday, but intermittently add loops. If you add loops consistently, it'll look great. This is a good fill in baby quilts. Make an entier loopy sample sandwich and let me know if you like this stipple. You can also add hearts instead of loops, if you dare!!

Just a word on starts and stops. I like to keep my needle in the same position and first pull my thread to the top, then gradually increase stitch length for my starts and reverse that for my stops. I don't like to try to reverse, as I think it creates a "bobble" at these points. See what you like for starting and stopping.
Check this out: Here is a general website for quilting - check out Diane's tips -- she's one of the great machine quilters!
Have a quilty day! -Kris

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Cristin said...

I've successfully stippled a stroller size quilt - my FIRST real quilt with stippling! I'm so excited - photos are on my blog:

Thanks for all your little tips - they're great!